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Free Employee Monitoring At NesterSoft we support growth and success of small businesses and self-employed, offering both free on-premises and free cloud-based employee monitoring for up to 3 employees. Evaluate Now Buy. We saved for about 60 salaries per year. Our main concern is Internet usage. WorkTime is a really good addition to it as it monitors employee computer idle time.

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We Hear You! WorkTime constantly evolves based on your feedback.

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WorkTime Clients They are happy for years with WorkTime quality, reliability, effectiveness, fully satisfied with the successful results. In our distracted world, we tend to underestimate the power of time planning and management.

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Consequently, poor time management can negatively affect July 17, WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software Release Version: Major updates added July 10, The to Market Research June 20, June 4, One major update added May 16, How does Computer Monitoring Software Work? How to Choose Safe Software? How does computer monitoring software work? Computer monitoring software uses special system functions to capture and record various information about computer usage: It records May 1, Need Assistance?

All rights reserved. In this kind of scenarios, you just do not have to worry and open your BlurSPY phone spy software account and it will provide you each and every bit of things happening in your workplace. So stop bothering about your business secrets and wastage of time by your employees and trust BlurSPY once and you will never lose this trust. Keep eyes on their locations, whereabouts and find what places your employees visit. Recording phone calls of your staff are now pretty easy with BlurSPY. Spy on their phone calls and record every incoming and outgoing phone call. Do it anytime without letting them know.

Check chats and messages of your staff, restrict any numbers to block messages and keep eyes on their private chats. For employees and companies, it is really simple to monitor the call logs of their employees.

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Monitor their call logs with BlurSPY. This feature potentially helps in detecting any fishy conversations of the employees. Tracking any phone becomes easier than ever with BlurSPY. Employers can now view the list of installed apps on the phones and devices of their employees. Use screen recorder and capture the screen, view installed apps and monitor the whole device. Block phone calls from all unwanted numbers. Manage the restrictions you have set from your personalized control panel. You can now protect your children from online risks such as cyberbullying, online harassment and online sexual predating with the rich feature Block Incoming calls.

With this you can use their camera to make video, take photos and see everything in the surrounding. Check and view all the images, photos and other multimedia files including audio and video files. Skype is the most widely used app in workplace so track your employees on Skype anytime, anywhere. Spy on WhatsApp of your employees with a screen recorder to capture the screen. View and check messages, private chats, and conversations.

Qustodio shows how your staff uses devices and Internet resources. Learn more about Qustodio for Business. Learn more about SentryPC. Invisibly monitor what your children or employees are doing on their computer. Learn more about Best Free Keylogger. Learn more about EasyPrinting. Improve staff's discipline with cloud employee monitoring app that enables managers to control employees' computers and internet work.

Learn more about Employee Monitor.

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Invisible monitoring, collects data - web usage, screenshots, typed text, copy paste, file access, processes. Block websites etc. Learn more about Employee PC Monitoring. EmployeeTrail helps track employees in the work hours and identifies productive time Learn more about EmployeeTrail. EmployeeTrail helps track employees in the work hours and identifies productive time.

Learn more about EventTitans. The end-to-end solution for customer service workforce analytics, team performance optimization, and process automation. Learn more about Fin Analytics. Employee monitoring app to remotely check employees mobile activities and increase productivity in the workplace.

16 Worst and Most Extreme Ways Employers are Spying on Their People

Learn more about iKeyMonitor. IPdiva Cleanroom provides a single-use, sterile and monitored work environment. Learn more about IPdiva Cleanroom. Helps companies make impactful, real-time, fact-based decisions that enrich and maximize the experience and productivity of end users. Learn more about Knoa UEM. Net Monitor for Employees is employee monitoring software that allows you to take full control of a computer and much more.

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Learn more about Net Monitor for Employees. Learn more about PhonySpy.

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A smart remote management tool with screenshots, time tracking, and computer usage monitoring. Learn more about RemoteCamp. Cell phone tracker software used for for tracking your employees. Learn more about Spapp Monitoring. Teamglide helps you better evaluate your current employees but also pre-screens new employees to ensure they are a fit for your company Learn more about Teamglide Employee Performance. Teamglide helps you better evaluate your current employees but also pre-screens new employees to ensure they are a fit for your company.

TheOneSpy is a cell phone and computer monitoring software for organizations to monitor employee activity. Learn more about TheOneSpy.

What is worktime?

Employee monitoring tool which controls and records call activity, and tracks location by connecting to Android phones. Learn more about TheTruthSpy. Boost Your Employee Productivity. A single place to centralize your semantic assets, write contents, localize and deploy them.

Learn more about Wezen - Semantic Asset Management. Monitor employees devices to see the productivity of your workforce. Employee Monitoring software is used to track employee productivity and to ensure appropriate use of corporate resources. Compare product reviews and features to build your list. Reset all filters. Sponsored: Vendors bid for placement within our listings.

This option sorts the directory by those bids, highest to lowest. Highest Rated: Sorts listings by overall star rating, based on user reviews, highest to lowest. Most Reviews: Sorts listings by number of user reviews, most to least. Alphabetical: Sorts listings from A to Z. Why Capterra is Free.

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. ActivTrak by Birch Grove Software reviews. Learn more about ActivTrak Free way to see who is doing what and for how long. Learn more about ActivTrak ActivTrak is a FREE comprehensive cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity.

BrowseControl by CurrentWare 16 reviews. Learn more about BrowseControl Restrict inappropriate surfing and enforce enterprise wide Internet usage policies.